Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent Mastodon mobile app for android?

@JeremyH i don't, but check as there should be some posts there where people recommend some options

@JeremyH Tusky's been working pretty well for me. You can save and re-edit drafts, which is a feature I haven't been able to find on the browser. I can't get push notifications to work, even though I've enabled them (many have also reported this), but ultimately that might be a good thing. I'd give Tusky 4.5/5.

@danielkeyes137 @JeremyH
I didn't like the mastalab interface, but tusky not having push notifications is also a huge turnoff. I like the tusky interface, but no push notifications makes the app useless to me. Anyone know of other alternatives that actually look nice?

@JeremyH tried tusky, mastalab and stegodon. Recommend in that order.

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