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New this week, featuring some actual science questions (in addition to faith and life advice stuff). asksciencemike.podbean.com/e/e

Tattoo, pregnancy and infant loss 

Thanks everyone :).

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Tattoo, pregnancy and infant loss 

Memorial piece for our daughter who was stillborn at 38 weeks. Ink is 1 week old today.

Tattoos, pregnancy and infant loss. 

1 week old today. Memorial piece for the daughter we lost at 38 weeks. The artist is a pentacoatal turned atheist now Anglican studying to be a priest. We had a good chat


Hey folks, remember that it's common courtesy to use CWs for your content ☺! If you think it's possible that someone wouldn't want to see it, use a CW.

Common topics that get CW'd on the fediverse are politics, trauma, explicit material, etc.

If you consistently don't use CWs you might find your view of the fediverse shrink as people mute or block you outright to avoid seeing your content!

Tomorrow is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! We are doing a random act as a family this weekend that the kids are pretty excited about. As Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood says, we can choose to be kind!

making fun of fundamentalism with puns 

Guard your heart’s Gryffindor: don’t let Satan Slytherin.

I don't know if any of you will find this cool, but I've been working on building my own fatbike, I spend a lot of time on the design, and now I'm finally in to cutting steel, and every stroke of the file is exciting.

Today’s a big day for us - my husband has his citizenship test today. 🤞 🙏 🇺🇸🗽
Immigrants FTW!

@JennyBee @mike @whateveryouart I’m in Alberta so, pretty much Canada’s cold Texas. 😂 solidarity!

@DanDrake @Tonyward I might even that that a bit farther and say that Jesus made no sense to me outside of his Jewish context. And the idea of God makes a whole lot more sense from the lens of Buddhism. It’s not just that there is wisdom outside of Christianity; we NEED it to keep us out of the Greco-Roman empire trap.

Oh god, I just sneezed while brushing my teeth, I never thought about how bad this would be.

I’ve officially replaced a Mastodon app for Facebook in my frequently used folder.

Working out for the first time this week and I’m loving it!! I haven’t been this excited to workout in months.

It also helps that I got all our tax shit in for the business yesterday lol

Team, my car started. This doesn’t mean much to y’all because you don’t know me very well, but it hasn’t started the past 2 days because of the blistering cold and finally when the temp hit -2 😂

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