@thegreendragon This is me. I don’t do it on purpose, I just don’t really have much to say. I usually feel I can’t eloquently add anything to a conversation. I often feel guilty that I don’t contribute. But I’m so grateful for the online communities that I’ve found where I can read along and learn from people!

Gender expression 

@Rachael So far, my kids have not been particularly attached to a gender identity. I check in with them if they’d like me to intervene if someone says he or she, and at this point none of them care. They’re quick to point out that hair and clothes don’t have a gender. If anything, I’m concerned they don’t have enough empathy for folks who strongly desire their gender to be recognized. But they’re young yet, I think it’ll come.

Gender expression 

@Rachael So far, I’ve noticed it less than you described. My son has had long hair for the last three years (he’s young though), and folks would always assume he was a girl. Whether he was wearing stereotypical ‘boy’ clothes or a sparkle skirt. I have three other girls, and everyone would just assume they were all girls. However my second oldest daughter has very short hair, and tends to wear very neutral clothes. But no one ever seems to assume she’s a boy...

Contraception & Mental Health 

@katiem I don’t have anything helpful to add. But I see you. I have a lot of difficulty taking medications, I can usually ‘feel’ them. I had a really hard time with anything hormonal, but did have success with the copper iud. Or charting my cycles, but that method should be used with caution and certainty that you can use it 100%!

@martaparta sometimes, yes. But, I’ve heard creationism used to justify not believing in climate change, and at this point, that’s downright dangerous.

Church stuff 

@TrelaH Yes! I was so nervous about the silent part. There was quite a bit of fidgeting, coughing, baby sounds, whispering. It made me feel better, and less pressured. Personally, I have such negative associations with musical worship (and typical church), I was thrilled there wasn’t anything like it. But I can understand missing it, it’s just so different!

Church stuff 

@ksmith I love the idea that there isn’t ‘leadership’. Every voice is equally important. So different than my experiences with ‘church’.

Church stuff 

Yesterday I attended a Quaker meeting. It’s the first time I’ve been to any religious gathering in years. It was nice. Classic Quaker, silent worship, just personal contemplation. Only two folks said anything at all, and both of them referenced a local tragedy, reinforcing that black lives matter. It was refreshing!


@Ricci I definitely don’t miss the physical side of nursing! But it was such a tangible step that they were older. That was the hard part to me.


@Ricci also: congrats! For me, so many feels when moving out of the nursing phase.


@Ricci third love was the first post nursing bra I bought! I like it. It was comfy, and the half cup sizes really did help for me. Also, at the time (maybe always?) they were letting you try it for 30 days. That’s huge! Being able to wear it multiple times and wash it, and then make a decision. That’s what convinced me to try it.

@Rachael If he particularly enjoys the pen aspect, you can get skin pens, I think they’re usually called tattoo pens, even though they’re still washable. Just if that method is easier for him. Actually paints are great too!

Question about preferred pronouns 

@Laura_I I do the same. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest to be referred to by they/them. I go by she/her, but to be honest I don’t have much attachment to it. Maybe this doesn’t make me a good gauge! But I’ve been trying to not assume a gender with everyone, except those who’ve expressed a preference. It’s a hard habit to break!

@EllenMae I seemed to have a blend of contradictions. On one side, the Old Testament was used to show how the laws were to support the earth. But on the other side, climate change wasn’t a concern because a) young earth creationism, and b) all things would be made new so it didn’t matter.

Parenting during tantrums 

@Megra3 It’s so helpful to get the reassurance that it’s really working for your kid!

@jo_boy97 I appreciate that Paul just makes the face that says he's silently judging your choices. Its how I picture my face looking when people tell me about god.

@lisadk I’ve gone with a middle ground, as topics come up, I’m clear what I think about them. But I didn’t do a big ‘reveal’ about how I see things anymore. It felt like I was attacking if I tried to do that, but individual things is just being honest about how I feel. That’s how it seems in my relationships at least.

@Lolololori Anybody else read this with the space in the wrong space? NY Cliturgists... Nope, just me then.

@elzbieta We decided together that we were going to do this thing. I thought that would be the end of it and kept pestering to make it public, but then on the way home from work one day, we stopped at a jewelry store. I was asked to wait in the car while he picked up the ring he'd ordered beforehand.

I think the takeaway should be very individual. I don't particularly enjoy surprises, and had a lot of hangups with wanting marriage to be a chosen partnership. So this worked perfectly for us.

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