When you take a month long break from podcasts and come back to find out that @mike and @hillarymcbride have answered one of your questions. 😮 😮 😭

Not gonna lie. Being married to an 8 is legit hard sometimes.

I should not have gotten on facebook last night. My dad is back in the hospital as of yesterday. I had a health scare (that resolved yesterday). An uncommon week of stress. And the MAGA folks were out praising 45 for his determination to protect the sanctity of innocent life...by which, of course, he only means the unborn. And that all these friends and acquaintances can't see it for what it is is so frustrating. I'm so weary and I want to hope for better days, but I'm struggling.

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I'll follow you all! But the "local timeline" the one with the 3 people is the feed of the instance you joined (I assume the liturgists) kind of like a mini twitterverse. Then you have the globe which is the fediverse and more expansive but still not all of mastodon. Then you have your home feed which is you and the people you follow.

It took a little while for me to get it.
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Is there a "Tootorial" on how this platform works?

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