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So, I had a glitch with the OP1, and ended up having to factory reset it. Fortunately, I had a previous version of this project saved, but I didn't have the new drum part I had written for it, which is really making me sad right now. I did finish it, but I don't feel quite as satisfied with it as I was earlier. RIP in peace. Oh well. It still sounds nice

Y’all, I think I just finished the other jam I posted about a while ago. It’s kinda short, but I think it still has its own journey. I’m super excited to get it uploaded

Hey y’all, thanks again for the help last month. With some small room for error, I think I’m pretty much caught up.

I also talked to my bosses and we’re rearranging schedules between myself and my one coworker so I’m not getting screwed for hours by having one of my 5 days a week of work be at most 4 hours long.

I get to enjoy a full weekend that isn’t also a holiday for the first time since March or April the following weekend.

reminder: if you made 5000 dollars a day since the year 1219 -- 800 years ago! -- you would still have less total money than Jeff Bezos made *EVERY WEEK* during 2018.

Bezos made over 1.5 billion per week that year; you would only have 1.46 billion

@JessieGinger this one was hard because it was difficult trying to figure out where to go with it. I had two really cool parts, but it needed more and I didn’t know how to add to it and make it complete. It definitely has the best drums to date, which I’m very proud of.

I may have music to release tonight if I can figure out one small thing

Another life update I probably should have posted a while ago;
I came out to my last sibling, my little sister, and that didn’t go as well as the others. It wasn’t catastrophic, but it definitely had some rough points. Anyway, now I just have to figure out when to come out to my mom. Ooooohhhh boyyyy.

It’s been a few days since this happened, but I called out my Ex-pastor on Facebook. It was ultimately fruitless, because his only response was to “accuse” me of being pro choice, and then ignore everything else. Also every boomer in a sixty mile radius decided to attack my character with such declarations of how I must be a socialist, and a libtard.

Fuck the culture that made this a possibility.

Thank you all for the support. I can’t offer much right now, but if you ever need a carry in Bloodborne I’m here for y’all

I haven’t been the most thrifty of people and it always weighs me down. I low key hate myself for it. Like, getting a new tattoo could have waited probably, but I also wasn’t expecting to have my car broken into a few times.

But I was also emotionally/financially abused and gaslighted for more than three years and am owed almost three thousand dollars that I will likely never see. I hate being in the position I’m in, because I feel stupid for trusting those people and wanting to help them out.

Hey, I don’t like asking for help, but I’m in a bit of a bind right now and just need a bit of help getting some groceries. I had some car problems that have put me back for the last couple months and I’m close to being caught up and stable again, but right now I’ve got like $10 to last me until the 25th and I have to skip payment on a couple bills and such too.

So if you have like a dollar or two that you could spare, it would really help me out.

sexism/anti-abortion bullshit 

New stuff in progress. I’m experimenting in 5/4 this go around.

So I was hungover AF this morning, but I powered through and went and got this!

So I went out last night entirely as myself for the first time with makeup and stuff and it was the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.

Now, that being said, I did spend the last hour at the bar upchucking every drink still in me. I’m never doing tequila, or hopefully more generally shots again if I have any say in it.

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