Can anyone spare like $20 so I can pay for enough gas to be able to commute for work for like 4 days?😭 I get paid Friday but I’ve got $3.50 in my account and less than half a tank of gas, and I go through that in like 2 days

So my alternator was the problem and has been replaced.

BUT, when I had to pull over on the freeway due to car dying on me, a tire got a nail in it(????REEEEE) and is now flat and needs to be replaced.

I’m relieved and also fucking dying over here

@JessieGinger also turns out I’m probably going to have to get a new place in a few months

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Just so anyone whose interested knows,

I did get laid off.

I did find a new job days after,

But I’m still totally boned atm money-wise.

I type this as I sit in my car on the side of the highway, as it has died on me.

I’m currently riding the high of it being pride month so it doesn’t hurt that bad,

But it’s lurking in there.

This is some sort of bad poem based off of the formatting.

Someone please help me lmfao

To make matters worse, I’m 75% sure that I’m getting canned tomorrow

Everyone, I’m in a pickle.

My employer compensated my paychecks for two pay periods, but didn’t for this last one, for an unknown reason.

I’m like $400 short of where I need to be to pay my bills and not starve.

I’m fucked.

I don’t know what to do.

I’m applying for unemployment, but as it stands I won’t even have enough for rent.

Been home another three days because of being sick, though I’m feeling better now. Now I get a weekend, and then I’m back to work

The existential burden of existence is incredibly exhausting.

I didn’t ask to exist, and I’d like to speak to Existence TM’s manager please

I eat when I’m stressed.

Not in an excessive way, and it honestly helps me cope.

But I’m broke and can’t afford a $3 sandwich from Carl’s Jr.

I hate this.

Hey y’all. So I’m stuck home sick for today, probably tomorrow as well. If I’m doing better by Monday I should be good., but I don’t think this time is being covered. I need help with my phone bill, which is $80. I could use some help. If you’ve got anything to spare, I would super appreciate it.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m sick. But I have no insurance right now because of UHC fucking up something internally. I also don’t know if I’ll get any sick leave if I have to stop working for a bit.

So I’m officially out to my mom. Conversation was stressful for both of us but didn’t go too poorly. Thankfully she hasn’t been awkward since this morning. I’m going to give her time to process stuff, but I’m still not 100% certain that she’s going to come around.

‪American Evangelicals have tricked themselves so well into believing everyone not them is secretly evil, that they assume all the simple things like “don’t be homo/transphobic” are signs of moral decay‬

So yesterday we did family photos, and when we were getting ready my mom wanted to look at my shirt, and she noticed my bra strap.

Then after I threw on a sweater, thinking that would hide it. During the photos though she felt it, and then confronted me later when we were alone. She wasn’t super aggressive about it, which is something, but I’m going to have to come out to her now. Probably tomorrow morning

If I see “transgenderism” in a news headline or article again the next 366 days I’m going to vomit.

Why do I only ever feel super cute right before I go to sleep???😂😭😭😂

Can anyone spare like $25? I was supposed to get paid today, but for some reason they aren’t paying us until (maybe) tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

I need to buy some snacks and drinks for tomorrow’s Christmas celebration that I’m doing with a friends family and I’ve got less than a dollar in my bank account. I’m so mad. Fucking big yikes over here.

So yesterday I took a trip to r/transchristianity. Boy was it deeply saddening. It seemed like some of the users were still pretty chill and were doing “regular” Christian things, but the amount of disdain I saw from users there towards everyone else in the LGBT community is disgusting.

Imagine being cucked so badly by a religion/mindset that largely doesn’t give a shit/actively seeks to discriminate you, that you get caught up in hating everyone who supports you to get the church’s approval

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