sexism/anti-abortion bullshit 

New stuff in progress. I’m experimenting in 5/4 this go around.

So I was hungover AF this morning, but I powered through and went and got this!

So I went out last night entirely as myself for the first time with makeup and stuff and it was the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.

Now, that being said, I did spend the last hour at the bar upchucking every drink still in me. I’m never doing tequila, or hopefully more generally shots again if I have any say in it.

Nothing builds up hopelessness than seeing the things my ex pastor and his Facebook goons say to each other. Humanity is broken and their mentality is a festering cyst on what should be a beautiful thing.

So in other news, I came out to my two remaining brothers, and it went better than I thought it would. I wasn’t planning on coming out to my younger brother, but it happened and it was pretty good. Now all that’s left is my sister, and my mom. My dad wouldn’t remember it after about a day, so I’m not going to worry about it. And then everyone else, but I’m not super worried about it

Guys, it was hard learning my dad has Alzheimer’s, and having those suspicions closer to the end of the time I spent growing up in my parents’ house, but being here is really hard. I knew things were a little rough just talking on the phone, but it’s just.. fuck.

My phone is currently claiming to have 5G e and I am certain AT&T is simply lying

Their generator turned off for ten minutes



So I’m camping, and it’s 11:15pm at night. Some assholes STILL have their generator running, with a bunch of lights on in their campsite. The assholes next to them are partying and playing FUCKING CORNHOLE. WHY.

The assholes just west of us are also partying and their four year old children are running amuck.

I want to see the stars and go the fuck to sleep. Why is that too much to ask for? Fuck people and fuck this.

Ugh, it’s stormy and stuff outside and the tune I’m working on is really chipper. And I can’t just delete everything and work on something that fits the mood either cause I’m really deep in this one. Lame.

Well, the end of this month and start of the next is going to be stressful. I turn 23 in two days, which is cool, but also have to go see family and I don’t know how that will go. In addition to this, work is deducting from my paycheck for the cash advance I took for the car, which is also fine, but they’re doing it a lot faster and taking out a lot more than I anticipated. I never got to discuss the terms of this when we set it up because the cfo was out on vacation at the time

I wrote a post talking about all of the individual colonists. I know it's a game, but god damn.

Four hundred ninety-eight days, or approximately 33 years on the rim world is how long it took me to get my initial three colonists and all the lovely people who joined them back into the stars. The only colonist to pass away was a misogynistic asshat who I accidentally let join the colony only a week or so into the game. I sent him on a journey with no food/gear to the other side of the world, and to his credit, he almost made it.

Successfully got my second colony safely off the rimworld. I was even more invested in these folks than the first one, and it’s been an emotional night

So I’m going to be flying down to Vegas on the 28th in the morning and back to Spokane in the evening on the 29th. I intend to come out to my second oldest brother, who is still a Christian, but more social justice oriented than most of the rest of the family. I’m hoping it goes well. After him I just have my two younger siblings, then I’ll come out to my parents. Once that’s over with, I’ll be coming out to everyone.

This is a really well done exploration behind some arguments about Abortion, I highly advise you watch it.

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