So I’m going to be flying down to Vegas on the 28th in the morning and back to Spokane in the evening on the 29th. I intend to come out to my second oldest brother, who is still a Christian, but more social justice oriented than most of the rest of the family. I’m hoping it goes well. After him I just have my two younger siblings, then I’ll come out to my parents. Once that’s over with, I’ll be coming out to everyone.

This is a really well done exploration behind some arguments about Abortion, I highly advise you watch it.


So I had an appointment today and they were only able to get one vial of blood even though they stuck me three times, which means I have to go in tomorrow to have more drawn.


So I’m remaking this one using the sequencers so everything is properly in time, and also different

I finished my pseudocode for the assignment and now I’m officially done with schoolwork. I can now relax and have dinner with my friends and not feel inexorably guilty about it.

D&D and also coding the last project for school. All that’s left now for the project is the pseudo code and stuff, which should be pretty easy

So last night I had my graduation party after band practice and ended up staying late after everyone else took off, hanging out with the bassist and his wife and I got to tell them more of my experiences and I feel so lucky to have them. I’ve had supportive friends, but they’re genuinely invested in me, and they’re helping me to be able to picture a future where I’m not in the closet to anyone. I haven’t really been able to visualize that until now.

Also I’m dehydrated again fuck

Isn’t it just so convenient that people who lack a basic understanding of biology and psychology are instantly more tenured experts on those subjects because they believe in a book that doesn’t even broach those topics.

I’m so fed up right now

Blatant transphobia 

So it went way better then I hoped for. There’s still some stuff I’m going to have to win them over on eventually, but I’m so incredibly relieved

On a different note, the deans office didn’t fuck up my paperwork, but the Transcripts Office nearly did. Gonna check on that again Tuesday to make sure it’s all done

So I decided I have to come out to the bassist from the band. I can’t handle feeling this way, and hopefully things work out.

I would like it if I could get some help getting resources for helping Christians understand the legitimacy of Transgender issues and stuff

Well, the waterworks are functioning, so that’s nice I guess

So as long as the Deans office didn’t fuck up my paperwork and I get some stuff turned in by the end of June for one class, I’ll graduate!

@JessieGinger scratch that. I’m not ready to be out to the band. I’ve been working on changing this guy’s understanding of the whole LGBTQ shebang, but I’m still fucking terrified.

So the bassist in the “Christian” band that I’m in was at the pride fest setting up fireworks for the evening, and he spotted me with two of my friends. Thankfully I had my hoodie on, but it was unzipped. I’m pretty sure with all the context clues he’s going to piece everything together.

I’m freaking out a little. I’m not sure if I’m ready to be out to anyone in the band.

Homophobia/religious ignorance 

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