So I ordered a dress and it arrived today, but I’m out working and I have to wait to go get it. Super excited

So I was messing around trying to come up with bits and pieces to build a tune around and wrote this. I still don’t know where I’m going to go with it, but it’s pretty chill

I have decided that having finished Differently Morpheus, an excellent fictional audiobook written and narrated by Yahtzee Croshaw this morning, I’ll be catching up with The Adventure Zone Amnesty. I stopped at episode 8 or so, so I’ve got a good amount of episodes to listen to. I highly recommend both TAZ and Differently Morpheus.

Well, it’s 5am and I get to go out of town again on what was supposed to only be a two day trip but is now at least three days and may be as much as the whole damn week.

So much for getting homework done, or sleeping, or having any sort of social life.

I’m super excited to put this new tune up but I’m out of town another seven or eight hours ugh

I’ve worked 34 hours or so the last three days and I’m ready to sleep forever now but I’ve got at least fourteen hours or more tomorrow, and then a regular day Friday.

For now it’s time to eat food and drink alcohol on the company’s dime. Perks of being sent 140 miles from home spur of the moment I guess.

I still may be murdered in my sleep, but at least then I’d get to sleep the long sleep.

Replying to a sibling, could also be a great way to come out. Crayola style.

Sometimes inspiration comes when you’re sitting on a bed knowing you’re less than five hours away from wake up time for a twelve hour work day in a city a hundred and forty-something miles from home in a sketchy looking hotel. But you gotta follow it.

Also I may be murdered in my sleep I don’t know this is the sketchiest hotel I’ve ever been to and tomorrow is gonna suck.

Plus side is that I’ve got a new jam I’m working on.

In case anyone is interested, I’ll probably be posting a new tune tomorrow

testosterone is not a male hormone because CIS WOMEN NATURALLY PRODUCE TESTOSTERONE

in fact, the only women who ever had zero testosterone levels are trans women.
if testosterone is a male hormone then trans women are less male than cis women, and I don't see any cis people making THAT argument EVER

So this one passed away early this morning. Rest easy Piggles.

I saw something on r/Atheism and it really stuck out to me. How incredibly insane is it that people believe you will be condemned for all eternity if you simply don’t believe in a particular deity.

@JessieGinger being vulnerable about this is incredibly difficult because of imposter syndrome.

I’m in a funk right now and I’m trying to work my way out in a way that will help me out when I get like this in the future, but the outlets I can think of are not healthy or sustainable.

I've got a feeling that not feeling valid is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. I was raised to believe one thing for so long, that even though I knew it was wrong, it still seemed right?

Now I have to un-train that and try to enforce who I'm trying to become. It just seems so daunting. fuck.

So I basically get stuck in this loop of being sure, then being uncertain, to acknowledging what's happening and trying to see through it, to being sure again, and then it all restarts.

I think the problem most trans people have is that they don't want to be trans, they just want to be their gender through the perceived cultural norms.

I hope that once HRT has had enough time to do its job that I'll feel more confident and not have to deal with this as much.

My subconscious is simultaneously more and less accepting of me being trans than my conscious mind. Had a dream that was really affirming but also highlighted some of my fears, and then woke up and got angry that I didn’t own the dress I had in the dream.

And then I actually think about having/wearing it, and a whole bunch of things I don’t like spring to mind.

Even trying to write them down is something I can’t do because the imposter syndrome is so convincing sometimes.

This morning I saved two earth worms that were drowning on the side of the road in the rain. I really hope the customer, whose house I was outside of, didn’t think I’m weird .-.

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