NSFW. Asking for info & resources about some of the lesser-known options for bottom surgery for FTM & MTF spectra, so that I can create a sex ed infographic about them all. (OK to RT) 

I want to draw some sex ed infographics about bottom surgery options for trans folks on the FTM and MTF spectra that includes lesser-known surgical options that already exist in real life, like nullpatches, vagina-sparing metaiodoplasty, phallus-sparing vaginoplasty, and so on.

This isn't the sort of thing I normally draw (I'm a PG rated artist), and so I'm honestly not sure how comfortable I'll feel about completing this project, but I'm really concerned about how we trans-folk are all insufficiently informed about the full scope of our transition options. I haven't seen illustrations like this anywhere. I'll make the project public domain when it's done, so folks can translate it and put it in wikis and stuff. I'm figuring it could help make for happier trans folk in the future.

In order to draw that, I'll need a lot of the right kinds of resources. Would you folks please send me links-- with the links neatly labeled with type of surgery and CWs, so I've got a heads-up about what I'm getting into if I click-- that have descriptions and pictures about these other lower surgery options, which would be useful for making such diagrams?

(Uh, and just a *few* tags to help this circulate)
#trans #ftm #mtf #nonbinary #BottomSurgery #altersex #transition


@frameacloud I’m totally pre-op so I can’t help unfortunately, but I’m super interested to see what you end up making because of this!

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