I went to a great talk today by the founder of this organization. They’re all about social media literacy and safety for kids, teens, and parents, and their website and app have some great information I thought people might be interested in. smartgirlsociety.org/

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It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

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Just wanted to say thanks to all the fine people who filled out my survey when I needed samples for my capstone thesis study. I just finished the report. It’s crazy when 300 pages worth of proposals, literary analyses, etc. culminate into a 17 page paper. As soon as it’s cleared, I’ll be happy to share the report if people are interested!

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Personal thoughts about relationships, pretty Ace 

OH! I had heard about queerplatonic relationships before, but didn't know really what it meant.

That's what I want: a queerplatonic relationship

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I wish I could remember who mentioned the “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text” podcast, because that person is a gem and I appreciate them introducing me to my new podcast binge!

@mike I was just listening to the Ask Science Mike episode on diagnosing autism, and I was wondering where you found you information on the requirements for diagnosing autism in adults. In child psych world, the process is simpler, but I sometimes get parents of children we diagnose wanting to get evaluations, and I don’t have good standards to give them.

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I am grieving tonight as I hear of yet another young trans person lost to suicide. If you or someone you love is struggling please reach out for help.

Trans life-line US: 877-565-8860

The Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386.or Text START to 678678

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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Hi everyone, I'm a psychology researcher who is interested in decision-making, attention and perception. Currently working on research in financial decisions. #introductions

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#introductions Hi! I'm have a phd un educational #psychology. My research is about cultural historical activity theory and social media.

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