How many of you around here are also songwriters/musicians? I'd love to hear some of your work and make a community for those of us who write music about liturgist-y type things.

@JohnTrue I'd love to hear that too! I keep looking on Spotify for some new music that's philosophical or spiritual, but I don't know where to look. There's not a genre for that.

@JohnTrue ✋ aspiring / dabbling songwriter over here, definitely have a desire to create liturgist-y music.

@levi Nice! do you have any demos or anything? Just looking to support what people here are already creating.

@JohnTrue nope, not yet, just notebooks and voice memo recordings of riffs and ideas, ha.

@levi Haha, been there. Let me know if you ever get some stuff going! I'd love to hear it and offer any help/advice I can.

@JohnTrue currently working on an album that is extremely different than this:

That ep was before deconstruction..surprised by the new material that is bubbling up, but haven't enjoyed song writing this much before. Deconstruction has made my song writing much stronger(maybe it's the fact I'm almost 30 now though(; )....
Focusing on electric guitar this way round.

@mamaria I love the vibe! Your voice is captivating in a great way, and you and your husband have a great blend together. Nice stuff! I'm excited to hear your new work that focuses more on EG! That'll be cool to hear.

@JohnTrue Here is a record that's a few years old from my old band, Keep Quiet: - if you like indie rock

@chriswhill Cool, I'll check it out in a bit! thanks for sharing. Since we're sharing stuff, I may as well share mine too. or Kai is a song about my kid. The rest are mostly about spiritual stuff as I was navigating my own deconstruction. This was my first jump into writing my own songs rather than producing for others, kinda alternative genre with lots of electronics.

@chriswhill Awesome stuff dude, listening now. I love the vibe and the recording/mixing sounds good. Nice work!

@JohnTrue Thanks! That's due to Ryan Alexander from Civilian producing/engineering the record. You have an excellent voice, btw.

@JohnTrue If you're into weird, experimental metal, check out my band Azusa (not for the faint of heart :)



This is a band I’m in but all the song writing credit goes to my super talented friend Jenn. Some newer stuff is slowly in the works that’s more collaborative in terms of song writing.

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