@mike @vishnu Next time you come to Albuquerque YOU guys can do better than PF Chang’s.


I’ve seen a lot of lively conversations on other social media about lately. One side is screaming murder and hellfire the other is screaming nazi patriarchs. When I express that my heart hurts for aborted babies AND the mothers who need to make that choice, that abortion should be legal but avoided if at all possible via contraception, that churches should adopt REAL sex education, I get no response. The thread will fall silent. Has anyone else experienced this?

I came to join the migration. Everyone I’ve ever met isn’t here so I’ll just talk into the ether. Does anyone think sadness is kind of an amazing thing? Like, best character in Inside Out is sadness, hands down, but actual sadness kind of brings miraculous things to light. Does anyone else notice how rich and wonderful life is because of sadness?

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