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I live near San Diego and I'm married to an inspirational woman who no longer believes in God. Together we parent two foster-adopted girls whose trauma has become our trauma. Most of the people who were so supportive when we were following God's call to adopt have drifted away and no longer talk to us.

I was able to attend the Kin retreat in Oct and met some amazing people. One in particular has quickly become my closest friend. Grateful for community wherever I can find it.

I came very late in the game to her work and her story. I just met her at WhyChristian 4 weeks ago. On that Saturday, she served me the communion bread and said while looking into my eyes, “You are a child of God and loved exactly the way you are.” It made me cry then and it weighs heavily on my heart right now. The way she eloquently shared her story which is exactly what so many of us have through with the church is a gift that cannot be replaced.

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Guys: “Well you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: “Elon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

any liturgists planning on attending Why Christian in SF this weekend?

@mistyinwpg I went to a Jets game last night in Anaheim with some cousins visiting Disneyland. I was amazed at how many Winnipeg fans were there. Also, it turned out that I was somehow related to at least 11 people there. It turned into a mini family reunion. 🙂

@mike Have you read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion? I know you enjoy fiction, but do you like stuff outside of SciFi? The main character, Don, has some coping strategies that I think you mentioned that you use.

I really enjoyed the read - its good for me to have some non-stressful fun reading :)

@mike You asked a while back when the next LA unofficial meetup was and it turned out to be a weekend when you were traveling. Since we don't know your schedule, why don't you throw out a Saturday that would work for you, and we can set something up accordingly? What do you think?

Friend with cancer 

He's in good spirits and glad that I shared with you.

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Friend with cancer 

My friend won't see this (not on Mast), although he is on the patreon group, so I am not asking for post responses...

My friend Brandon started his chemotherapy about an hour ago for his testicular cancer that has spread elsewhere.

It has been so amazing to have a friend at work where we can both talk about deconstruction and be ok with each other (instead of being judged or pushed away).

I'm sad and concerned for him.

Thoughts for his peace and health are appreciated.

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I need to turn off auto play on my Liturgists RSS feed. I finished Hillary’s amazing Traveling Light meditation in a state of deep relaxation and was immediately jolted by the “in the year 2013” from the most recent Alien and the Robot. 😂😵

Went to see Muse with a friend last night. The robot AI overlords are coming. 😀

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Frustrated by media depictions of the suffering of black people, photographer Mikael Owunna used fluorescent paint and UV light to portray his subjects adorned in stars, as "infinite as the universe."


I saw a 70’s something aged man wearing this shirt today.

At first I thought it was a joke. But I saw his car and he’s definitely a trump supporter.
I googled the shirt and found it for sale. WTF???

The fact that most of my family wish maybe the president would tweet a little less but that basically he’s leading the country in the right way makes me sick to my stomach.

Grief - lack of response from church 

R.H.E shared this article this morning.

When we attended the evang. church, our pastors made it a point to not address suffering and avoid those who were grieving. One family lost a teen son to cancer and no one from the church even visited him or his family in the hospital. I saw that as really fucked up then and it led to us leaving.

On Saturday, I went with some friends to see Pedro The Lion. The show was great as expected, but the thing that really impacted me was Sarah Beth Tomberlin. She is opening for Pedro.

I found it hard to express how moved I was by the depth of her lyrics. If you're looking for a fresh new voice in the deconstructed indie/folk space, please check Tomberlin out!

This weekend did not go as planed. Missed the gathering in Ontario yesterday afternoon because our youngest was throwing up and had a fever. Spent most of the afternoon at urgent care when her fever got to 103.7.

Got home in time to get her to bed just in time for our oldest to start barfing too. Up until 4:30am with her because anxiety really kicks in when she’s sick.

Trying to be present with both of them, but damn, I’m really tired.

Poetry heard today on NPR. For all of you with partners ready for a crazy weekend... 🙂

“Are you in the mood?"

I am.
Let's put the kids down.
Have a light dinner.
Maybe not drink so much.
And do that thing I would rather do with you than with anyone else.
Lie in bed and look at our iPhones.

From John Kenney’s Love Poems (for Married People)

@mike I'm wondering what your take was on Moana? The Rock as a singing and dancing demi-god....

Was this a 9 - 9 for you too?

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