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As much as I like Peter Rollins I can understand why people have trouble listening to him - he takes so long to build to and make his point 😊

But this talk was good and pointed to some of what I have been discussing on here over the past couple weeks. Minute mark 18:30 is where the specific point starts.



Some recent sights from my birthday getaway weekend! The Yellow Submarine movie, Star Wars, economics for children, and an introvert’s dream tee shirt!

Friends, I really want the job I interviewed for. I find out tomorrow if they are moving me forward. I am SO NERVOUS!!! Please pray for me?

At my job interview and found this on campus. I officially love this place!

I have an interview today, ya’ll. Prayers, good vibes, spirit fingers, and jazz hands are all welcome! πŸ’™πŸŒˆπŸ€“

Three black transwomen were murdered this weekend. The life expectancy for a black transwoman in the USA is 31. I urge you to seek out ways to stand up for black transwomen in ways that are bigger and better and costlier and more human than posts like this on social media. :trans_heart:

Tonight, something I love very much ended and ended well. I feel content. πŸ’™ I’ll miss you Game of Thrones.

Ya’ll...tonight is the end of I have been dedicated to this story since it came out 9 years ago and I am committed! Sad to see it end. For me, stories matter and thinking of Game of Thrones and the Star Wars Skywalker Saga ending this year feels like losing a special part of how I see life.

@Leah haven’t seen/heard your presence on here for a little while! Hope you’re well! πŸ’™

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