I’m signing off. I’ll return to Mastodon after a season. πŸŒˆπŸ’™

A Farewell 

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A Farewell 

Friends, here is the updated and revised Desert Fathers and Mothers playlist! Please enjoy with a cup of tea and maybe a good book.


@JosiahRA friends, I am revising the playlist so that you can play it without shuffle mode! Update to be posted soon!

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I think I turned my Dad on to Richard Rohr and understanding the Enneagram! Yay!!

medical ask ??? 

Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval is a gloriously odd story of queer love in which a high school girl falls in love with the ghost of a new girl in town. Turns out, this ghost has a deadly, ancient king living within her and his army of guardians. So beautifully illustrated!

Today is my first Monday not in the office. It’s just really setting in that I’m done at my old job.

Confession about period film/TV sex 

Ranking mewithoutYou albums 

So, I took the BeliefNet religion quiz and here are my results. This makes so much sense to me.

Me and my favorite rebel princess, just chillin and smashin the mf patriarchy.

Gentle Christian humour (Hotdog Jesus) 

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