Today I told my clients that I am leaving them in a week. I told them in the chapel and I received looks of disgust and shaking heads, a client stood up and shouted β€œWhat!!??” in an angry, threatening way, several clients silently refused to look at me, and a select few hugged me and told me how much they love me. I have never felt so icky.

@JosiahRA I'm so sorry. You deserve all the love β™₯οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ

@JosiahRA That totally sucks. I'm sorry you had that experience. Things will get better.

@JosiahRA My heart is with you buddy. ❀️

That is messed up, I feel, how your clients reacted. I thought this was a Christian based treatment center, so this was definitely not behavior that is being a part of the treatment plan.

Know that YOU ARE LOVED and you MADE the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU!!! 🀩 This is the next step in taking control and ownership of your life and marriage.

I love you my friend and know the ickyness is only short lived (just like the stench when Sponge Bob farts) 🀣

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