I’m trying to practice my mindfulness but...for fuck’s sake...the students I just taught made me so angry. I’m mad. Like fuming. Fucking hell.

@JosiahRA it’s a good thing I had a cassette of [Untitled] by mewithoutYou in my truck. I got to yell a lot of things on my way back to my office!

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@JosiahRA 🖤 mwY is always there for you when you need to yell.

@JosiahRA Sometimes we all need a chance to get the anger out. Do what you have to do, but just be careful to not let it ruin your inner peace, or set a default feeling for the future.

I'm here for free hugs if they help =)

@JosiahRA Haha, thanks my friend. Right back at ya.

Hope your day got better.

Peace and love be with you always! 🙂

@JosiahRA when I was a teacher a colleague once told me about the students, “You give them an inch, and they take your soul.”

Words to live by as a teacher.

@JosiahRA mindful anger, yeah that’s fine. Flip some tables, go off with your mindful self.

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