I’m signing off. I’ll return to Mastodon after a season. πŸŒˆπŸ’™

A Farewell 

A Farewell 

A Farewell 

Friends, here is the updated and revised Desert Fathers and Mothers playlist! Please enjoy with a cup of tea and maybe a good book.


angsty tv/film stills, un-captioned, ec? (~) 

@JosiahRA friends, I am revising the playlist so that you can play it without shuffle mode! Update to be posted soon!

@riayngrey YASSS!! Come now and join the feast from the greatest to the least! Come now and join the feast RIGHT HERE IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST!

@Leah I’m well. Taking a break this week to just relax and be myself. How are you, sweet person? πŸ’™

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