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Struggling with a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time: loneliness. Yuck.

@JosiahRA it’s a good thing I had a cassette of [Untitled] by mewithoutYou in my truck. I got to yell a lot of things on my way back to my office!

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I’m trying to practice my mindfulness but...for fuck’s sake...the students I just taught made me so angry. I’m mad. Like fuming. Fucking hell.

Today, and all week, I have to teach a class on the book of James. I just don’t give a shit right now. I keep reminding myself that this is my last week at work but damn...teaching shit you don’t necessarily believe in your spirit is exhausting!

Expletive about sacred texts 

Said yesterday in therapy (this is the first time I’ve ever said these words out loud), β€œI am fucking sick of the Bible.”

Today’s sighting during my walking meditation. What’s on her mind?

So I’m watching the new Tales of the City on Netflix. And...I want Murray Bartlett to come to my house, scoop me up, kiss me, and then do whatever the hell he wants to me. Because....damn. πŸ’™

@vishnu I am listening to your podcast Loving This and I find myself connecting at a deep level with the conversation you present. I am in the midst of a new phase of deconstruction and Buddhadharma is the only thing that feels safe. Your podcast has created such comfort for me. I’d love to hear more about how you safely navigated through your deconstruction. I feel pretty lost some days. That can be scary for an ordained Christian pastor.

@riayngrey your new Spotify playlist is πŸ”₯ we listen to all the same music, btw. πŸ’™

My favorite Zen characters:
Sarah of Sarah and Duck
Arnold of Hey Arnold!
Yoda of Star Wars
Hazel of Watership Down
Totoro of My Neighbor Totoro
Fred Rodgers of Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood
Any to add?

Asking for help, therapy, family stigma, insurance 

Hi friends. I am trying to help someone get therapy but they are afraid of using their family insurance because they don’t want to be shamed for it. They are also losing their job so money might not be available in the foreseeable future. Suggestions? Boosts welcome.

As I sit here consoling myself with sugar, salty snacks, and SpongeBob I ask myself.
1. What would the Buddha say about this?
2. What would Jesus say about this?

Hmmm maybe
1. Attachment to desire is suffering. The chips and soda won’t last. The episode of SpongeBob will end. Be a Light unto yourself. Could you spare a chip?
2. You are the loved, accepted, and forgiven. You are the Light of the world. Got anymore soda?

Today I told my clients that I am leaving them in a week. I told them in the chapel and I received looks of disgust and shaking heads, a client stood up and shouted β€œWhat!!??” in an angry, threatening way, several clients silently refused to look at me, and a select few hugged me and told me how much they love me. I have never felt so icky.

@Ricci you changed it to your spiritual name!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜Š that makes my soul happy!!

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