Hi Liturgists, I am doubling down on well being in the month of October and would love to share, and receive, some book requests.

Here are mine:

- Why we sleep by Matthew Walker (@mike, this has a great chapter on narcolepsy) This book changed my life!

- The Telomere Effect by Dr Elizabeth Black Burn, good to understand the mechanisms of cellular aging and it has some awesome evidence for meditations effect on the body.

- anything by Brene Brown!

Tell me your list!

Love as Care experiment month 9 update. 

Love as Care experiment month 9 update. 

Love as Care experiment month 9 update. 

Love as Care experiment month 9 update. 

It's 1:30 in the AM and a smirk of satisfaction sets in as my 35 year old self feels joyfully rebellious staying up and bingeing Stranger Things.

Tales of a socially awkward extrovert 

Defiance and VBS 

Wonder Goggles 

Wonder Goggles 

@mike and @vishnu, I know y'all have been working on this, and I'm curious if there are plans to include more working class voices on The Liturgists?

More ennea 8 discoveries 

More ennea 8 discoveries 

How does one become a world tag champion?

Parkour plus friendship!

Ok one Last late night YouTube find!

I think I have found my sport!
My favorite part is how they hug in the end!


Hello liturgist that might be up absurdly late moral supporting your significant other getting in some Days Gone violent game play because small children dominate the daylight media usage.

Youtube is a treasure! So many rabbit holes and, on nights like tonight, so much time. Please enjoy tonight's find!


Last non-neurotypy story for the night.

ADHD husband and Dyslexic wife trying to put down the technology and play a table top game...

"Wife, can you read the directions again?"
"No, I don't read. Can you read it to me?"

ADHD husband hyperfocuses on games wiki and reimmerges an hour later to find wife asleep on the rule book page 1...

Maybe we'll play it tomorrow...

Dyslexia, masking and infantilizing 

Dyslexia, masking and infantilizing 

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