I’ve been blogging about my deconstruction since Sept. Experienced the first scathing remarks from friends on Facebook last Sunday...and was able to respond kindly. ❤️🤐

@Julee I'd love to read your blog, if you're willing to share.

Writing isn't my best skill, and I love finding connection with other people's words.

@Meg @Julee I second that! I've taken the road of just not talking about my deconstruction to most people I know, beyond my spouse and a few trusted friends. You know—avoiding conflict like a good 9. 😬 I'd love to read how others are putting words to it.


@equustel @Meg Thank you both! My blog is onefaithcrisisafteranother.com
The Story of My Life.
I’d love to hear your stories! Really, I mean for real...tell me your story. ❤️

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