Friends: I don’t know how this happened, at all, but when I went in for my bone scan results at the cancer center here in our city today, my oncologist told me that there’s NOTHING ON MY BONE SCAN.
This doesn’t happen. Sarcoma doesn’t just disappear from bones without treatment. I’m on immunotherapy, but the spots that showed up on last scans GREW during immunotherapy. So the oncologist didn’t attribute it to anything- just shrugged his shoulders and told me to go plan my summer. ‼️

I just : I KNOW that a lot of you are science heads (I’m looking at you @mike) and this sounds crazy. I know that. But I feel that the deconstruction and self-awareness work I am doing- thanks to the Liturgists- has a part to play in this story. I feel more confident and WHOLE then I ever have, in my spirit and body. I’m doing daily energy/meditation work that is hugely supporting my health. I’m hesitant to say this stuff “killed the cancer” but daaaaamn if I know how those tumours disappeared!

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@Julie yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! This is phenomenal news and I am so glad for you!

@Julie first: that's incredible news, thank you for sharing! second: as one of those science heads, i'm totally open to the idea. the most wonderful thing about science is that there's a lot of stuff we don't understand and that leaves room for such questions. but again, most importantly: that's wonderful, and i'm so happy for you.

@elzbieta thank you so much!! Now I’m on a “science binge” to try and figure out what the heck happened to kill those tumours, but if I never find the answer, I’m okay with that too. Thank you for sharing in my joy today.

This is the most amazing news. Thank you for sharing this joy :)

@Julie that’s awesome! So happy for you!!! ❤️✌🏽🖤🎉

@Julie YES! Wow, there’s a lot of cancer in my family and I know how unheard of this kind of scan can be. Congrats. Go do you!!!

@Julie Julie this is incredible and I’m so happy for you. Spiritual health is health.

@Julie so so amazing!!!! (Maybe the magic tricks helped?? The super fun weekend??🤷🏻‍♀️😍😂) I am so excited for you!!! ❤️❤️

@Julie did the extreme cold freeze it out? Great news, hit the summer hard!

@katek thank you, Kate! Ps: nice to see you on here. It’s a great space to share. ❤️

@Julie incredible news!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤When and where is the celebration and where’s my invite? 😜

@DrewBrown thank you, kind sir!! The celebration is continuous, as is your invitation TO said celebration! (But for real we’ll probably party pretty hard in June to celebrate. We usually do a big Lip Sync Battle in June for my birthday... we’ll see if I have it in me... 😂)

@Julie This kind of stuff happens. Shows how little we understand cancer, really. Also makes me unwilling to discount the miraculous in everyday life. So, so happy that you are well. Enjoy your cancer-free summer!

@Julie Hi, wonderfully positive news. I am delighted for you. It must be an overwhelming feeling.

@Jeremy it is, yes. And confusing, because I know others with my diagnosis who aren’t seeing results and they’re dying. I see it regularly (we have an online group for people with the same disgnosis as me, as it’s extremely rare) and it’s so hard to watch them struggle. So I have mixed emotions but my family are so relieved, humbled, grateful for our little miracle right now. I’ll take it and run.

@Julie amazing! I hope you are able to make wonderful summer plans!

@mike thank you! It’s always a nice day when my oncologist can be surprised in a good way. Now time for me to try connecting some dots and seeing if I can make this result stick around awhile.

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