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@vishnu @mike I’d really like a “fuck you, I’m a goat” T-shirt at some point pls

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The internet is wild. We talk to strangers everyday.

Depression, Anxiety, Work, ADHD/Executive Functioning 

I’ve been sitting at home most days saying I’m looking for work, but instead I spend a lot of the day in bed.

I’m too embarrassed that I haven’t even taken the first step to ask for help.

And I keep thinking that if I can’t even write the paragraph it would take to update my resume, what job could I possibly do?

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Depression, Anxiety, Work, ADHD/Executive Functioning 

This is vulnerable, but I need help and you guys are great so I’m hoping you’ll have advice.

I was fired from a job I loved in November. I need another job. I can’t survive on savings much longer.

But I haven’t been able to update my resume, let alone apply for a single job. I just can’t do the thing. I know it wouldn’t take long to update. But I keep getting stuck feeling like I don’t deserve to be hired.

How do I get unstuck?

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Your worth doesn’t come from:

How hard you work.
How much money you have/make.
How popular you are.
How artistic you are.
How good you are at something.
Who you know.
What you do.
How you look.

Your worth comes from:


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for :

I feel like the liturgists will enjoy this one.

How Long 'til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemison is onsale as an ebook for $4.99 today.

N.K. Jemison is an amazing author, and this is her most recent release-a collection of short stories inspired by her realization that poc seem to be missing from sci fi, wondering if poc have a place in dreams of the future.

Activism is science fiction-it forces us to imagine a future better than our present.

I guess I should do an ?

I'm queer, polyamorous, married, ex-charismatic evangelical, spoonie.

Some days I still call myself a christian, but mostly I'm agnostic. I've found a lot of peace once I stopped spending time trying to make sense of faith.

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Daily affirmation:

You are good
You are loved
You belong
You are enough

Believe it

My first toot!

Facebook is trash but I'm too connected to communities through there to disconnect completely.

This seemed like a good first step.

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