I was just told by my doctor that I’m going to have issues getting pregnant. And I don’t know how to tell me wife that.

Got an internship in DC. I will be leaving Alabama in January to complete a four month internship in DC. Now here’s the real question what should I do to not freeze?

Advice: is it better to host people in your own home or to go to their home.

My wife and I are trying to figure what would be better for us mentally to host our mother in law at our home or go visit her. She occasionally ask us offensive questions regarding being gay and tries to convince my wife to carry a child. So what should we do?

My wife and I are going to an infertility doctor in June. I’m a gay woman in Alabama and I’m terrified. But hopeful. We haven’t told many people and I just wanted to share that I am scared. Very scared but hopeful.

I’m in the we need to stay in Alabama to be the change and we need to run for our lives mindset.

Alabama you disappoint me. Never felt so unsafe in my state as I do now. Now I grieve.

We all walk around wanting to be seen and loved. My hope and “spiritual work” is to learn how to be the seer and the lover.

I’m not emotionally prepared to watch season three of queer eye.


You Are Loved.
And You Are Love.


Confession: sometimes I’m worried that I won’t be able to afford to give birth to a child, and it makes me incredibly sad. I just needed to share that with people who don’t know me.

You can always tell the individuals who are from out of town at the Mardi Gras parades.

I'm sorry on behalf of straight people... We suck a lot of the time

Living in the south is so difficult. I have had four people come talk to me about the General Conference. Then tell me that they love me but they don’t agree with me lifestyle.

Unexpectedly traumatized by UMC General Conference. Why do I give a shit?

I grew up in the UMC. We left the church two years ago when my now wife and I were asked to leave. My dad was born and raised in that church and so was I. Being asked to leave hurt me and my family deeply. I thought it was just like that because we live in south Alabama today proved that I was wrong. Thinking of my umc and queer friends tonight.

I have a pine tree that I am deciding to cut down or not. Living in a hurricane zone pine trees really freak me out. But it’s also a beautiful tree. Does anyone else feel this inner struggle?

Just ran into someone that I use to attend church with before I came out. And honestly I never felt more confident and proud of who I am.

Working 75 hours a week including my regular job in the mental health field and an internship in the mental health field. I’m reaching a whole new level of exhaustion.

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