I don’t even care if it wins, I am PUMPED that my question made it to the Patreon poll!

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A new app just lauched today that helps automate secutiry and privacy on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. I’m trying it out, and if they’re honest about the app architecture, this could be a really great service. It’s called Jumbo.


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Thanks for all the love on the latest episode of the Liturgists Podcast. Its been so beautiful to read everyone's comments, thanks for listening and sharing.

family stresses and illness (cancer) 

Back on here after about a month - it has been crazy. Found out dad has a cancer diagnosis and waiting to find out more about treatment and prognosis now - doing what I can to support them as mom is disabled so caring for him and the home is hard, and I work full time and live about 2 hours away. Appreciate having a place like this to connect to and get my mind on other things!

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It’s so freeing being out of the belief of a hell.

Free from the guilt and fear of eternal fire and torture.

Knowing that if I do, or not do, something it would mean damnation.

Even when I served from a place of love there was always a tally being held over my head.

Now there is nothing but freedom.

Freedom to live and love.

Love free of guilt.

Free from the burden of saving others.

Free to just be. Love.

To be loving awareness.

To be.

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It is a truly beautiful thing when I become so convinced something is true that I begin to lose the compulsion to argue its merit.

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making fun of fundamentalism with puns 

Guard your heart’s Gryffindor: don’t let Satan Slytherin.

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Friends: I don’t know how this happened, at all, but when I went in for my bone scan results at the cancer center here in our city today, my oncologist told me that there’s NOTHING ON MY BONE SCAN.
This doesn’t happen. Sarcoma doesn’t just disappear from bones without treatment. I’m on immunotherapy, but the spots that showed up on last scans GREW during immunotherapy. So the oncologist didn’t attribute it to anything- just shrugged his shoulders and told me to go plan my summer. ‼️

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white men arguing for fun 

I’m tired of long “intellectual debates” with white guys where I have to defend:

- my right to be a pastor
- being vegetarian
- why me getting cat called was not a compliment
- victims of sexual assault

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Sexual abuse 

@evie Also, desperately need to point this out: most of these dudes are married. Can we stop with the “celibacy turns people into sexual abusers!” arguments? It’s quite frankly anti-Catholic. Celibacy isn’t the problem - it’s a culture seeping in male entitlement. It’s a boy’s club. This is a problem with toxic masculinity.

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Tonight in my weakly peace prayers meeting we prayed that we could all learn to better love our neighbors, and then I thought about how the earth/environment/creation is also our neighbor. And also how the generations after ours are our neighbors. Why is it so hard for so many Americans to see the earth and the future as neighbors we should love?

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@mike this gave me a laugh and made me think of you, and the general conversation here about online privacy concerns!

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Here was something I saw on Twitter (yes, I'm still there) from @kateleth that reminds me why social media is so great and so garbage.

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