@amal thank you! I’m able to log in now. I never did get the email, not in junk either! But all’s well that ends well!

@amal having trouble getting on there, not sure if anyone else is? I registered and never got the confirmation link, asked for it to be sent again and still nada. Been a few hours now 😔

@lilithsaintcrow I agree! I don’t see that here but in general I definitely know what you mean. And thank you! I make hand embroidery art, this is my Instagram! instagram.com/flossandhoopembr

@mike @lilithsaintcrow and by “bear” I of course meant “near” but thanks for the suggestion autocorrect 🙄

@mike @lilithsaintcrow I’m currently working on getting a handcrafted/maker type side hustle off the ground, and without instagram marketing that kind of stuff is virtually impossible! I don’t find Insta bear as objectionable (from a user perspective) as Facebook at least, but yeah... it’s too bad it’s governed by oppressive overlords 😕😕😕

@mike feel free to just answer it as a bonus anyways 😂😂

I don’t even care if it wins, I am PUMPED that my question made it to the Patreon poll!

@mike I kind of feel like this describes trying to have a social life of any sort - so I can relate! People are damn hard to pin down.

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A new app just lauched today that helps automate secutiry and privacy on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. I’m trying it out, and if they’re honest about the app architecture, this could be a really great service. It’s called Jumbo.


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Thanks for all the love on the latest episode of the Liturgists Podcast. Its been so beautiful to read everyone's comments, thanks for listening and sharing.

racism from my sister, shooting in new zealand 

@UnclearFuture good for you for calling it out. We all need to lose all patience for these kinds of “jokes” and call them out when we hear them - no matter who it is saying them!

@TravisWhitacre this was my feeling too, I personally have no interest in Buddhism as something I wish to explore for my own faith journey, but I always have at least a strong academic interest in all faiths so I was really enjoying listening to those episodes!

family stresses and illness (cancer) 

Back on here after about a month - it has been crazy. Found out dad has a cancer diagnosis and waiting to find out more about treatment and prognosis now - doing what I can to support them as mom is disabled so caring for him and the home is hard, and I work full time and live about 2 hours away. Appreciate having a place like this to connect to and get my mind on other things!

The United Methodist Church and LGBTQ Equality. 

@mike catching up on here after some time away with a crazy month... so sorry to hear this, but glad you’re making the healthy choice to move away and stand firm for inclusion and the open table!

@banjobrandon done! Thanks! I did my best because I was actually basically agnostic before and brought up secular, but my personal religious beliefs have changed since then so I felt it applied somewhat.

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It’s so freeing being out of the belief of a hell.

Free from the guilt and fear of eternal fire and torture.

Knowing that if I do, or not do, something it would mean damnation.

Even when I served from a place of love there was always a tally being held over my head.

Now there is nothing but freedom.

Freedom to live and love.

Love free of guilt.

Free from the burden of saving others.

Free to just be. Love.

To be loving awareness.

To be.

@audreyassad YES. This is it. I’ve been feeling more and more this way. I also am learning arguing doesn’t convince anyone anyways so it’s fruitless for all parties. Let the proof of what you believe and hold to be true (in all aspects of life) be lived, not nagged!

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