@Shoshana Not a silly question. I paid extra. I really enjoyed the interactive experience with them and hearing their answers. I asked the first question since people were shy to be the first one (and I’m glad I did). And having them answer my question was a wonderful experience. To feel their compassion and sincerity...I’m glad I did it. It’s still a great show even if you don’t do Q&A. If you’re really interested then do it!

Holy shit. So excited. Thanks, Mike, and sorry! My sister is the best and took the selfie I was too scared to ask for. Such an awesome night in for

@mike I’m so excited to finally get to see you both! And it’s easier to get Grandma to watch the kids for just an evening! Me and some of my family will be at the Portland event. Boulder was my hometown so sending vibes of love and rock-climbing to Boulder event! Bringing my astrophysiXmen shirt!

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