‪1600 years separate my January reading authors: (A)ugustine & (B)ell each wrestle w/theology & philosopy especially to understand mysteries of eternity...‬

‪...A’ came from scandalous youth while pursuing lust & meaning in various popular philosophies, credits his faithful mothers prayers for his conversion, overcame critics as he questioned their accepted thought, and founded much of orthodox Christianity...‬


@Ken ‪...B’ comes to faith early through parents influence, pursues meaning by diving deep into exploring & serving his faith, and is essentially kicked out of orthodox Christianity by critics for wrestling with many of the same questions as A’...‬

A’s confessions are dense and repetitive, not sure he was looking for dialogue; whereas B’ writes with intentional space, as if to invite you to have room to add to his thoughts and questions...

‪...A’ writes, “they are in love with their own opinions, not because they are true, but because they are their own. If this were not so, they would have equal respect for the opinions of others, provided they were consistent with the truth...‬

‪A’ continues, “...It appeals me, because even if their explanation is the right one, the arbitrary assurance with which they insist upon it springs from presumption, not from knowledge. It is the child of arrogance, not of true vision...‬”

@Ken a concluding thought from A’, “‪...even when we know things by God’s Spirit, none but his Spirit truly knows them.”‬

‪I found great intellectual & faith challenges in both books and grateful that I read them together.

Any books from different eras/perspectives that you’d recommend reading together?

@Ken I love this idea of reading old/new side by side. Brilliant! I have to think on this.

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