All the Josh Harris discourse outside of great deconstruction communities like this one has been sort of frustrating for me to read - so I wrote up a blog post for the first time in a long while. Enjoy, if this is your kind of thing :)

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Hey now, you’re a void*
Get your main() on, SEGFAULT

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Just listened to the early Liturgists podcast on Spiral Dynamics on the way to work this morning, and my mind was blown SO many times! I'm curious, what color do people feel like they're maxed out on?

My favorite line: "the light is wilder here out on the edge of reason" ❤️

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Really been enjoying Audrey Assad's latest album, "Evergreen" - most of the lyrics were taken from her journal during a time of intense faith deconstruction and eventual return, and as a result the lyrics have been really powerful to me.

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