I just took my first look at the Federated timeline (I'm new to this as I never had a twitter account). Below is one of the first toots that I saw. I had to laugh. I'm very happy to be part of this "creepy, culty, friendly" liturgists family! I think I'll stick to the local timeline! 😊

"I'm not here to tell anybody how to live their lives, but maybe hide if you don't want a bunch of creepy culty friendly weirdos in your mentions telling you about enneagrams"

@Krismsheedy A while back, @vishnu asked how we would describe this group. This is pretty brilliant!

@Krismsheedy Oh no! We were just having a discussion about how bad cults we're on here, so I hope we don't seem like one 😯

I do think the enneagram mentions can be a little bit much lol, but people have gotten pretty good about cwing them. At least they think we're friendly?

@Krismsheedy I have to say, that might be the kindest rejection I've ever read online.

This Mastodon thing is sometimes astonishing - didn't even cuss us out or express disdain, just, hey, FYI, you might find this group annoying. I think that's pretty cool. People have a right not to be annoyed if it's avoidable. Carry on, Fediverse.

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