I work with homeless people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues... and i’m So burnt out. Lately I can’t stand my clients and I just want to yell at them. I feel really ashamed of being so upset with such vulnerable people. I’ve had burn out before - but never this bad. I’m just not really sure what to do- I don’t have any time I can take off


@rebekahcrabs I'm so sorry. I've been there and it's a terrible feeling to be that burned out. I imagine that even in this state you are doing work that has a very positive impact on many people. Since you don't have time off you can take, I'd just suggest unplugging as much as possible before and after work. Try to fit something into your schedule that might help recharge your battery (hiking helps me, and so does a good massage!).

@Krismsheedy hiking is the best. I talked to my supervisor and she is letting me do some paperwork from home which has been helpful.

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