So I found @mike through Twitter when he made his podcast about being . I listened to it and it meant a lot to me because I have come to believe that I am autistic. I follow a lot of really awesome Autistic advocates on Twitter now and I see so much of myself in them, but I'm afraid to comment because I probably should actually talk to people I know in real life about it first instead of just coming out as autistic online. But I don't know how to do that and I really need the community

@mike I went to our free counseling services at my school and I clearly knew more about autism than the guy who was counseling me. He told me I couldn't be autistic because I have friends 😑 and when I told him about some trauma I have from my childhood he said that it was normal, so I stopped going. I think that knowing I'm autistic has helped me to cope a lot better. I understand why some things are harder for me, but I'm afraid to share that label because there are so many misconceptions

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@mike So if there are any other people here or people who think they might be I would love to connect with you and talk about it. I want to share this part of me with my friends and family but I just don't know how and I'm afraid they'll dismiss it and me

@Laura_I @mike count me as an autism ally! Hooray for neurodiversity! I could recommend so many awesome videos of amazing people advocating for themself and their awesome brains. Here are 2 but there is so much more.

@Laura_I @mike I’m suspicious of myself. And my oldest son. I no longer have a relationship with my dad but I’m suspicious of him too. Hearing @mike talk about it felt so helpful. I still haven’t gone to the dr though.

@Leah @Laura_I The episode of I recorded today goes into all of this in a big way.

@Laura_I @mike I've wondered for a while if I'm borderline. Lots of little things seem to line up, but it's never enough to convince myself that I'm not just giving in to confirmation bias, because other things will seem totally off the mark.

@sim1 @mike Yeah it took me a while to get to the point where I'm pretty sure. That's part of why I didn't tell anyone, I didn't want to be wrong. But I think college has exacerbated some things for me that made it more clear. One day I looked at the diagnostic criteria and was like yeah that's me. Autistic advocates will tell you it's definitely a spectrum. There is no one thing that being autistic means. Some can make eye contact and some can't. Some are verbal and some aren't, etc.

@sim1 have you taken the “Aspie Quiz”? I’ve found that test to be pretty helpful. Of course no online test is perfect, but I’ve seen a lot of NT people score super NT, and only ADHD/Autistic people score ND.

@Allison just tried it. I got 118/200 ND and 91/200 NT. Says I have some traits of both. Not sure what that means for me, though. Does that likely put me on the edge of the spectrum? I wasn't sure how to answer many of the questions, I'm often not good at that sort of self-reflection.

@sim1 I don’t know, but I would think it would at least say there is a real possibility you are on the spectrum. But that’s up to you and/or a psychologist to figure out. I ended up seeing a psychologist and paying by the hour to get diagnosed. It was a lot of money, but it helped me settle the important question that kept me up at night for months.

@Laura_I @mike me! I submitted the question about it to Ask Science Mike and have since been officially diagnosed.

@Allison @mike great! I thought about submitting a question but wasn't sure what/how to ask. I'm glad you did

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