So I told my friends that I'm rooming with on this trip about my crush. The guy I like hung out with us for most of the day, but I still have no idea if he likes me romantically at all.

But we're about to watch some anime together lol. Apparently all four of them already watch anime and I'm the only newbie. So this will be interesting.

The first one we tried to watch was weird but the others were cute and funny.

Also I'm still clueless

Enjoy! Anime and manga are a particularly deep and long-time interest of my youngest.

We've been going to one of the local anime conventions every year since she was 13.

@Laura_I remember which ones you watched?
I'm not an actual anime-buff, but I'm adjacent due to a lot of my friends being really into it.

@JessieGinger um the first one that was weird was ghost stories. And then we watched sweetness and lightning which was cute

@Laura_I Ghost Stories is hilarious(the english dub), I haven't seen or heard of the other one, but I'll look it up

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