PSA your posts here are searchable on Google and other search engines unless you opt out of search-engine indexing under preferences in your profile.

This is probably helpful for

"PSA your posts here are searchable on Google and other search engines unless you opt out of search-engine indexing under preferences in your profile."

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I feel like the new instance people need to know this, but I don't really want the attention that would come with tagging them.

A lot of them are pretty young queer poc and I wouldn't want them to get outed or something

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@Thuslyandfurthermore Yeah I noticed posts where I was tagged are searchable, but I've made sure not to include too much identifying information, so they're still extremely unlikely to find me

Real talk, if you live in America, it's pretty trivial to match a social media account to a person, when every ounce of your data is for sale. And, even if it weren't, it's all available to a court, and it's also trivial to get court investigators assigned to basically anything. You saw this, right?

@Thuslyandfurthermore Yeah I don't doubt it. I'm wagering that no one is that interested in me at the moment though

@Laura_I @Thuslyandfurthermore I think a few people on here are not "out" as LGBTQ, agnostic, atheist, or whatever brings them here, to their churches, parents, or friends, so this could be a big concern. I just Googled myself, and yep, there's all my Mastadon stuff.


tbh I wonder, why is this the default?

how many people *want* their posts to be searchable via search engines?

@mal Yeah it definitely should be. I imagine it's something we've accepted from most social media as the default for a while now, so it may slip past our notice

@Laura_I omph. Looks like if you change it though posts still show up.

@madisonlmc @Laura_I changing it has no immediate effect because the search engines already crawled it. it just means they can't crawl it in the future, i.e. when they try to crawl again they'll get refused. at some point they'll eventually remove the cached pages when they're deemed "inaccessible" for too long.

@Laura_I are you sure this is true? It was my understanding that only the hashtags are searchable. I will have to do some more research.

@conrad It's not necessarily on here, but on Google. If you don't have too much identifying information someone is unlikely to stumble on your account, but they might find it if they're dedicated

@Laura_I ok I looked around more, and it looks like I read some vague, kinda misleading info on "searchability" so you are most likely correct. Thanks for the info.

@conrad You could also just try googling your account/name and see what comes up. That tells you what the average person might see if they happen to search for you

@Laura_I I introduced a change request to turn that off by default. We’ll see if they accept it.

@pandora_parrot I'm honestly amazed how many people didn't know. I just assumed most did, but every time one person boosts this post, dozens more usually do right away

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