Us pol, abortion (-) 

Us pol, abortion (-) 

Us pol, abortion (-) 

With this news people will be calling for a boycott of Alabama and disparaging everyone who lives there. It's the people in Alabama who will be hurt the most immediately by this. The people affected cannot afford to leave and they've been fighting it.

Instead of writing the whole state off, maybe help out the people who will get hit the hardest. It helps no one if we turn on the most vulnerable.

Article about abortion and why a boycott probably won't help 

Us pol, abortion (-) 

Us pol, abortion (-) 

Us pol, abortion (-) 

@Laura_I I do agree.

But... there was a boycott of Indiana, and while there was a dip for a bit... it really caused the law to be repealed and removed.

@Magicalmilly If it's well-planned and organized to hit the people who can change things where it hurts with minimal damage to the most vulnerable, I would support it.

But I get frustrated by the people saying they'll never go to the South again as if that will somehow help anything. It needs to be targeted, not a ton of collateral damage


Abortion (-) 


Kay Ivey? Oh yeah. She's openly corrupt among other things, & didn't even show up to campaign for her last election.

I was involved in the Dem opposition campaign as well as some local campaigns in AL. It was heartbreaking how little the GOP did compared to the nonstop grind of the Dem candidates & how easily they won.

I wish I was even slightly shocked by this honestly. I've been shouting into a progressive void about how widespread my ppl's abortion brainwashing is for years.

US pol, abortion 

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