I'm not seeing this happen on here, but it's rampant on Twitter.

If you mock someone, even a terrible person, for their clothes or not knowing the rules of formal wear, you are accepting a ton of collateral damage.

There are lots and lots of reasons why someone might not have well-fitting clothes or keep up with formal etiquette about dress, and you're punching down at them when you do this.

If you're going to criticize evil people, criticize them for their evilness.


I feel like people have to say this again and again about a million things.

Don't say someone has a mental disability as an insult. Don't say they look like another gender. Don't criticize their weight. Don't make fun of them for lack of social skills.

You are hurting lots of other people when you do this.

Criticize them for the actual issues and the bad things they do.

@Laura_I I have to say stuff like this to my parents on at least a weekly basis. I don't *really* want to go into what it is referring to, as it's just a horrible person, who does horrible things, and says things which contradict what he's said before. Though not *always* that specific person.

@Laura_I this. I say each time that making fun out of Zukerberg's autistic traits hurts most of all other neurodivergent people.

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