Omg y'all I forgot I actually did put the nonbinary flag colors in my Twitter bio as hearts. I mean there's not really a white one and I put a blue heart too, but I figure some people will pick up on it.

I just feel awkward following all these nonbinary queer autistic folks and looking so cishet on my page.

Like no I'm one of you, I promise!

And I can't put my fucking pronouns in my bio without lying and I don't wanna make people uncomfortable


I've thought about making an anonymous account, but honestly I don't use Twitter that much and I'm worried it would somehow be connected to me anyway.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I can just be real on my original one.

Actually though the username is just my legal name, so I guess I would probably change that anyway.

I don't hate that name, well sometimes I do. But I'd rather choose something else

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@Laura_I most people put the white circle

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