Two good things came to my PO Box while I was gone! (and thankfully weren't sent back)

ec on the book in the picture

Then this one is just... me.

I don't really know how they relate to the other two.

They all feel like me, but they're also different from each other.

This one has found community. They're not necessarily always happy, but they don't tend to be sad or mad. That's the other two

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Then there is sad Ember.

She feels sad and scared and alone. She's not exactly a woman, perhaps a girl. She's not sure of her identity, but she just feels alone.

She's the Ember that's been burnt down. There's still a flicker of light left, but she's surrounded by darkness.

It's harder for her to communicate. It's like her vocabulary is limited and it's hard to get through the darkness around her.

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So I realized that the Ember that gets angry, that shouts about injustice and wants to tear things down- is a butch woman.

I don't really know how I know that, but I do.

She's the Ember that wants to flare up and burn everything to the ground.

Really she wants to be out and proudly Autistic, queer, and nonbinary *now*. She wants to burn every bridge with people who can't accept that and start over.

It's admirable, but it's not exactly the wisest decision at the moment.

This is her:

This lake is so beautiful. Notice the fishermen with their boats in the distance. The boats are like long canoes and the stand and paddle them across the lake to their fishing grounds.

Wow I'm cute!

The hair on this was a bit hard to figure out, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Also me with they/them pronouns in the months before I realized I was nonbinary and wouldn't stop talking about how they were grammatical and important:

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Me with bold, brilliant, gender non-conforming girls when I thought I was straight:


Also y'all check out this WiFi password at the lodge I'm staying at in Zambia

Mirror selfie 

Don't know if I've found the right outfit for it, but I bought a skirt today.

I got some books at a used bookstore!

It was less than 30 dollars for all of these and I only freaked out a little bit when my family asked what books I had and they were all from the LGBTQ+ section. Most of the books there were by or about cis gay guys, but it was cool they had that section.

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