"It's hard to suffer correctly when you're comfortable, and it's hard to see people uncomfortable when you're suffering well."

I'm thinking Bushi Yamato Damashii might be an enneagram 4? Either way this quote blew my mind.

@Lauren_buster I've listened to that one several times and I'm still having a hard time parsing it. The first part of the sentence seems easy enough: being comfortable all the time prevents us from engaging with our suffering. For the second part I can't figure out if he means that we have compassion for others when we know how to suffer, or if we're less likely to have compassion for those who are suffering when we're comfortable?

@Baravis My opinion on the second part was that when we are suffering well and allowing ourselves to go through the process, it can naturally cause us to better connect and identify with the suffering of others, leading us to have a deeper and more active compassion. That's my very ineloquent interpretation at least :)

@Lauren_buster I think you're right. Also quite the contrary, that was really well worded!

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