Love with agenda isn’t love. Its agenda.

@Leah that was one part of evangelicalism i could never get - how do you pursue authentic relationships if the end game is always conversion?

@cajal it was the most freeing ever to stop feeling like I had to peddle Jesus allllll the time.

@Leah @cajal inspired by the liturgists today:

Doer: “What’s on the agenda today?”

“Let me check... I see love.”

D: “Then what?”

“Nothing else. That’s it. Just love”

D: “But how do we know we are successful?”

“I think that’s the wrong question to ask.”

D: “But how do I do that?”

“Maybe you should just sit, listen and empathize.”

D: “Perfect. Then I can help solve problems.”

“No. Just sit and listen. Ask an occasional open question and just listen.”

D: “Really?”


@brandice @Leah @cajal I just made it up based on my typical internal dialog and comments from several liturgists conversations on Mastadon today. I meant liturgists here in this space, not the podcast.

It’s a reminder to myself of what I learned from others here today more than anything.


@Leah @cajal I've heard Christians say so often that you need to have non-Christian friends so you can convert them but they should never be your close friends because they'll lead you into sin or something. It's so gross. My non-Christian friends are great because I can actually be honest with them. Also they're just wonderful friends and I'm so glad to know them

@cajal @Leah Yeah, that's why things like "tract" or "door to door" evangelism are rarely sustainable. And for many Evangelists (and especially for the churches) it's about numbers, not relationships. How many souls did we win today rather than something like how many connections did we make with people who desire a closer relationship with Christ?

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