Hi Liturgists!! Michael just gave me a little turtorial, but I still don’t fully understand this app. But I’m here, hi.

@Lisagungor @vishnu Hi Lisa! Welcome! I had a little trouble picking it up at first too, but once you get the hang of it It’s kinda cool 😊

@Lisagungor it's ok, most of us don't fully understand either. welcome to the insanity.

@Lisagungor yay Lisa!!! I just finished your book today and was wondering if you’d come on here eventually. Welcome welcome welcome 💕

@Lisagungor Hi! It's been an interesting first week here for me. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

@Lisagungor Hi. It does take a little getting your head around, especially if, like me, you ditched Twitter a long time ago and never went down the Instagram route. I've found using an android client helps (I'm trying Tusky and Mastalab and seeing which I prefer).

@Lisagungor Welcome! Since it's likely I'll never make it to a show, it's great that I can connect with you and @vishnu and @mike on here (although sitting down for coffee irl with you guys is a bucket list dream of mine).


Welcome! Half of us don't know what we're doing!

(Which half I'm in will become apparent very soon...)

@Lisagungor welcome to the collective/family! I hope you find this a safe place to Toot away! 🖤✌🏽❤️

@Lisagungor @vishnu can’t wait for the high quality toots you’ll produce once you loosen up on here.

@Lisagungor Welcome! I have no idea what I’m doing either, but it’s such a welcoming and judge-free space that no one minds! It’s great!

@mike Hahahahaha. It’s me. Already feels like a different world here

@Lisagungor Hi Lisa! I didn't get any help but... I'll figure it out along with y'all. Glad to have you here!

@Lisagungor Same here! I think we will all sort it out eventually. Sorting it out together just makes it more fun! So... I'm just here too. Hi back! 👋

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