Y'all, my mind does not stop running. I wouldn't say I'm anxious, just highly analytical and driven to productivity. But a girl's gotta sleep sometime. (For the 18 m old will rise at dawn) I used to listen to a meditation to fall asleep, but that hasn't been working. Anyone have any ideas for me to try?

@katie I used to love the one narrated by Stephen Fry but I've listened to it so many times at this point. Someday I hope I can fit their subscription in my budget. 😊

@LiveYourValues they have stories read by Matthew McConaughey now!

@LiveYourValues get a 20oz Voss bottle, and make yourself an adult sized calm bottle. I have a coloring book by tattoo artists, coloring/art is known to calm the mind. Make sure your blue light filter is in your phone. A night time yoga practice. Need more?

@Randy omg I used to teach preschool and never thought of making a calm bottle for myself! 💜💜💜 And I have blue light filtering glasses. They make me look like a hipster. 🤓

@LiveYourValues Keep doing the things you already do, sometimes you just need to step it a up for a season. Also, if you want to step up your calm bottle game: make the mix thicker and add some fine glitter/dust. Don't make it too thick, cause it wont settle to the bottom. Good luck!

Have you tried yoga before bed? It's the only way my mind stops. That and acupuncture but I'm not doing that on myself.

@Michellear I've only done yoga a few times, mainly via YouTube. Do you have any bedtime yoga recommendations?

@LiveYourValues I listen to gardening podcasts when I'm ready to sleep. I'm interested in the content but not too interested, and I mostly listen to shows from the UK with calm, cozy voices. When my mind is really running fast, a few drops of the Calm a Mama sleep drops helps me settle down too.

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