I get that stress is not a reason to eat, but when I want to stress eat, what should I do instead? My response to stress is always to indulge. There's gotta be a better way.

@LiveYourValues Good question and I'm looking forward to replies on this, as I also stress-eat. When I have been successful in avoiding stress-eating, I usually find supplementing food with a warm beverage (tea typically) helps to manage some of those cravings.

@LiveYourValues I was absolutely horrible at this for years. I got up to 237lbs (6’1” height) from mostly ice cream & candy 😂. I actually started using a “my fitness pal” app & started drinking hot tea or doing meditation/yoga. Switched to popcorn & froyo on the days I still felt stressed. Those things combined helped a ton! Good luck with whatever works for you!! 🖤✌🏽❤️

@LiveYourValues can't say Om consistently successful at all, but I've been more successful when I focus on all the times food has failed to deliver real stress relief, but has just marked it instead. Seeing honestly how the stress comes back or gets projected on to others makes it easier for me to choose a walk, listening to good music or finding some water - all things I have documented for myself that provide real lasting relief. Still in the struggle for sure....

@LiveYourValues There’s always stress in life, you can do what you can to limit it but when it comes and you have a habit formed to eat it can be very heard to break. Habit replacement I’ve heard is a good strategy. Try deeply breathing and putting your focus there for a few minutes and then go for a walk and look at the trees, that really does it for me to eliminate stress. Keep trying, you can do it!

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