I recently tooted asking what to do about a friend who ghosted me. Well, today she texted me. She said, "I was thinking about you today. I'm sorry I've been a terrible friend." Maybe I should be happy, but I'm not. I'm angry, which I think is Type 1 for "hurt." I've thought about her basically every day for like 4 months, the whole time she never said yes to invites and never returned my Marco Polos. I think she feels bad but I'm not sure she really cares about me. I don't know how to respond.

@LiveYourValues Was she hurt by something? Or is there something she might feel uncomfortable sharing with you?

My best friend and I have had a couple periods of time when we have been in no contact and it always turned out that we were both hurt somehow. Or, more recently, I felt like I couldn’t be my whole self around her.

@Ricci In January I asked her if I had done anything wrong and she said no that she was just busy and then she didn't return my next text. After reflecting, I think it's been years since she put the same care in our friendship as I do. If she really isn't in it, I want her to have an out. I'd prefer that over getting hurt in the future. But how do I say that to her?

@LiveYourValues I have made this decision before, I understand it. Do you have to tell her? I don’t know that there is any good way to tell a person that.

@Ricci I think I'm just gonna say, thank you for apologizing. If you still want to be friends, let's get together and talk about it. Something like that..

@LiveYourValues maybe she's like a lot of other people. when life doesn't go well for them they isolate. i don't think it's about you and she apologized. if you're angry it's ok. you can let her know so she knows.

@LiveYourValues I just went thru something similar. We were best friends, and had a falling out that I didn’t understand. The loss is strange. But I had to move on. Dealing with too much loss right now so super poor timing on her part. It hurts. Totally understand and so sorry. Hopefully they will realize

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