The Blue Duck was pretty cool! Meeting new friends was even cooler! @Megra3 @ElizabethM @maggied

@maggied @Megra3 @ElizabethM Daryn told me about a Discourse where there are some people from St. Louis trying to put together a meet up! but I'm not tech savvy enough to find it. lol

@LiveYourValues @maggied @ElizabethM SAME. I saw that there were communities and I joined the Midwest and Chicago one but don't see an STL one...

@Megra3 @LiveYourValues @maggied @ElizabethM they haven’t mapped one out for STL, but there have been 4-5 different people mention it on Discourse...

@Daryn @LiveYourValues @maggied @ElizabethM did any of you see William Matthews will be coming on 9/29 to STL. Let’s plan something and go if we can!

@ElizabethM @Daryn @LiveYourValues @maggied hey STL fam! I am taking my 6 year old down there on weekend of the 24th for a Cardinals game. We are looking to go to the zoo in the morning and the Magic House in the afternoon on the 24th if anyone is looking for a family activity with some STL Lit people ;)

@Megra3 @ElizabethM @Daryn @maggied I am hoping to go to the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park that day!

@Megra3 @ElizabethM @Daryn @maggied it's put on by an organization that helps refugees in STL. see pic. or I've never been, but it seems awesome!

@LiveYourValues @ElizabethM @Daryn @maggied So anyone for sure going to William Matthews on the 29th? I have an extra ticket and was going to offer it here before anywhere else! Let’s all go together if possible;)

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