What is your favorite fiction book? (Graphic novels welcome too!)

@LiveYourValues Basically anything by Neil Gaiman for me, particularly “American Gods.” Also “And Then There Were None.” With graphic novels, “Batman: The Black Mirror” is one of my faves (Dick Grayson Batman, basically my favorite thing). Plus the rest of Snyder’s Batman run. I like Batman.

@LiveYourValues so hard to pick! But for recent books, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee was the most beautiful book I’ve read in a long time

@LiveYourValues I’m a sci-fi nut. And it’s probably a toss up between The Martian and Ender’s Game. Both had movies that didn’t do the books justice. Ender’s Game movie was trash. If you’ve seen the movies, then the books might not be as good.

@LiveYourValues A Tale for the Time Being - Ruth Ozeki still stands out to me after several years.

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