Tell me your favorite news source. I just want to be informed on important stuff, without wading through gossip and shit.

@Megra3 @ElizabethM @Daryn @maggied it's put on by an organization that helps refugees in STL. see pic. or I've never been, but it seems awesome!

@Megra3 @ElizabethM @Daryn @maggied I am hoping to go to the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park that day!

‘Good Omens’ criticism (no spoilers) 

@ninjanichols I'm gonna guess you weren't eating kale. lol I really struggle with this, so I'd love to hear what you did, why you enjoyed it.

@Vin I struggled with middle of the night wakings when my LO was younger. maybe it's somewhat hormonal?? I do know I sleep better when I eliminate gluten and get in some exercise.

@maggied @Megra3 @ElizabethM Daryn told me about a Discourse where there are some people from St. Louis trying to put together a meet up! but I'm not tech savvy enough to find it. lol


My brother-in-law Andrew Drake wrote a book about being single that is such a treat. It would make a fun summer read. (Andrew is basically Larry David, real funny) Treat yourself to a good book:

@Daryn @ElizabethM @Megra3 @DanDrake Shit, yeah! I dropped the ball on meet ups. sorry friends! Would love to see y'all!!

what would you do with $250 to use to benefit a charity/cause?

communities that require you to live inauthentically (~) 

Y'all, my husband is still a worship pastor, tho we would prefer to be part of a more inclusive community. Financially & as far as work load goes, he has it pretty good, so he doesn't really want to leave. but I hate it. I would prefer to live a more authentic life, but that could get him fired. How do I cope with having to be careful what I say? Can s/1 help me understand how it's okay to keep "supporting" this institution? I'm an Enneagram 1 & really struggle with feeling I'm being fake.

@joeld LOL We binged watched that hard. beautiful, smart show. I love the underlying/clear message that we're not that different from the "opposite" side.

I'm gonna vent. Gossip is so ugly. 

Today is Children's Day in China. I love the idea of celebrating children and what they offer the world. I recently started teaching with VIPKID, which is so fun, but also I believe we are doing something crucial in building relationships with people from a different culture. Our students are affluent and likely to be leaders in their country someday. Perhaps loving them now will make a difference then. 💜

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STL folks 

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