Loving the new book, whilst the champ sleeps.

Nice layout. Was very clearly thought through. From style of paper and print. Really enjoying it.

We shall never surrender, we will fight them on podcast, we shall fight them on Twitter we will not tolerate, this tolerance and never shall we change.

How often when we perceive a monster does a monster apear.

Intolerance has been the message of the last and dieing age.

Christ taught values but we miss it all the same. He died for those values. He lived them all the same.

The reason for Easter is your precious golden ticket. Let's hope you get in all the same.


He lived to die, no one cares how he lived. Blood in and blood out, a death pact for life.

The history of violence and the history of intolerance go hand in hand. Slavery, genocide and womens rights. Perfect examples of Christ in action. Tolerance means change and we can't have that. You can hear Christ call through the ages from stone them all, to burn them all, maybe today it would be reduced to finger pointing and arguments. But Christ voice is still the same.

Her body shock as she crumpled to the floor. Jesus stood throwing them too. Thinking of the money he made from all those stone sales.

The crowd finished the job in average time. The blood had just began to cuddle when the stragglers turned to walk away.Those words written in the sand. All this because you didn't read their bible after all. Jesus didn't come to preach tolerance and Grace. He was after the guilty and disgraced.


Stamped with a seal, having past quality inspection. Guaranteed to fly with perfection, in the right direction. Jesus had shares in this business adventure. Being wise in his ventures he knew where to put his money.

The stones began to fly as usual some going wide. Many hit their mark as some of those present trained marks men. Hitting the spots, the sweet soft spots. Making a good blood splatter up against the back wall.

Bending in the sand he began to write. The crowd getting angrier at this sight. Stone her was their cry, teach her what's right.

Stepping a side Jesus made some space. Picking up a stone he signed let's get it on. Lining her up against the back wall. A semi circle formed with her at the centre. Jesus words written in the sand few now noticed. They had sized up their rocks and checked their weights. The rocks didn't come cheap, specially mined from a local stoning mine.


Thinking to himself if he had known he would of gone another way. He knew what was coming they had done it before.

A woman was dragged out front and centre. Pulled by her hair and clearly dressed in a rush. Dress hanging off in an unkempt fashion. Rolling his eyes, Jesus was in for another lesson.

They had caught her in bed with another woman. Doing unspeakable things. Rolling his eyes Jesus thought, caught her in deed.

Oh thought it time I post one of the short stories/parables I have been writting and just collecting.


One day whilst out walking, Jesus having left his disciples had decided to walk alone. Headed out of the city a man on a mission. The hills his final destination. Rounding the corner he was confronted by an odd scene. A small mob of robbed no it all's, headed in to his direction.

Imagine if they did a study that showed that in certain situations, students do better teaching themselves than being taught. D.W

Within the UK. All teachers would agree the education system needs to change, all health and social workers would agree that the system needs to change. Is the system really ready for change? Or is it they try small things, change expectations but nothing changes due to expectations of outcomes which don't match the outcomes he changes will implement. For example we change the curriculum to help socialising for kids. But Ofsted still look at academic figures/results as a gauge. We tried so......

yesterday, our church talked about how substitutionary atonement and original sin are problematic and makes us feel guilt ridden and negative all of the time.

this is something I dropped out of my worldview a while ago, and has been very refreshing/helpful for me.

if you are considering it's usefulness/implications, I thoroughly encourage you on this journey!

How we measure truth is dictated more by how we perceive it..... then by quantifiable proof. If another way was proven to bear more fruit, how many farmers would change how they sow, ploughed and harvested? If the fertiliser you are using, when is the right one to change to another brand?

Do we miss the point. Do we want to be right more than we actually want to live right. Don't excuse to malice what can also be caused by stupidity or ignorance. Our conscious clauses of exclusion often leave us vulnerable and open. Life's about relationship but it's their fault we haven't spoken. Bigger people don't see other people as little, they see the game and winning in those moments of presence when I am here for you no matter the past.

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I guess it's a lesson i keep learning. It's not my problem. It's there's is what I keep hearing. But maybe my actions are saying those same words except maybe on loud speaker.

Presence is the one thing we have to offer one another and yet it's the hardest thing to give. With trauma and history we subconsciously want to withdraw. But maybe this is the problem not the symptom. Offences will come, mistrust, misunderstandings they happen. That's life. Do we loose focus?


What's people's thoughts on a group called the essenes?

@shaggy the only thing I have found helpful is to recognize their story but acknowledge that it is a single story in a literal world of stories. To really change their view they need to experience different stories. Invite them to engage in other stories. And when they share stories that negatively impact groups, share your positive stories of those groups.

I can’t convince others of anything, I can only include them in my story.

Introduction (2/*)

I had the privilege of going on mission trips around the world. Mainly supposedly 3rd world countries. Witnessed healings, poverty, death and life. Met other traditions, understandings and perspectives. Witnessed church and Christianity's bad points and good. I saw many people raise their hands to become a Christian but few taught what that actually was. Being Christian was always sold, a salesman pitch. Turn or burn. Your nothing till you raise your hand and repeat after me.


Raised a charismatic, Pentecostal pastors kid. I guess I had the privilege of seeing a huge variety of expressions of church. Many different denominations and non denominational churches. I guess for me questioning God, His/Her existence has never been the issue. Seen too much, experienced too much. But the monopoly on the devine was something I questioned. The more I studied, read, meditated and questioned. The more Christianity became a finite tribe protecting its edges

What a privilege. To speak with a Muslim lady who enlightened me on the deconstructive process taking place in Islam. It appears religion caught up in the western ideal of being right, is being taken by the silent weeds of mystery. Certainly the fundamentalist of each camp are digging their trenches and setting up guard posts. But the people are escaping. As Bonhoeffer wrote all those years ago in the Nazi prison. Death To religion. Religion of certitude and systematic theology.

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