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Hello friends.

I just made this second account so I can take part in this great community over here.

I've missed having faith circles to speak to where I didn't have to hide half of who I was in any conversation.

Thank you all. I look forward to speaking with you all and growing together

My favorite book ever is A Prayer For Owen Meany.

Everyone should read it. Thanks.

But hey!

Had a good talk with my grandfather about faith, helped him plan out his Sunday School lesson.

I made up some plans for MY youth group, including having a heart to heart with them about ablelism, because they're being shitty to the autistic kid in the group, and as someone who grew up with Tourettes, I had a lot of the same bullying.

It's been good.


The nazis are back after a day or two hiatus.


Today has been an amazing day that has been full of nothing but blessings the whole day.

and I'm honestly feeling a little overwhelmed.

My main account is currently overrun with notifications because I told a Nazi sympathizer off.

RIP me.

I got to help out with the Youth Group at my church tonight.

It was a lot of fun. Undeniably.

Though there are a few kids who are still trying to see how far they can push the boundaries of acceptability.

That's gonna be fun to figure out the best way to deal with that.

I already feel a lot better in this new job than the old one.

The past few weeks, in that other new job, I was just so tired all the time. I'm tired now, but not feeling dead inside. Like, I actually have the mental acumen to write and such. It's a nice feeling.

I really should have listened to that feeling in my head that kept telling me to apply at this place earlier.

This article = good shit.

It's about Lydia from acts and how we should be focusing more on her in our journey to stop the patriarchy.

Personal faith 

Sometimes God likes to drop giant truth bombs on me while I'm just about to fall asleep, and then I'm really irritated because I don't have a way to write down what's getting imparted through a sudden stroke of understanding something.

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pray for me.

My new job that I got ended up showing some really freaking toxic red flags yesterday during my shift, and so I'm back to the job hunt.

Pray I get a new job ASAP to replace this toxic one so I can be free as soon as possible.

I joined my church during service today officially.

It was... really cool.

Like, everyone was chatting with me and was so happy to meet me and so interested in everything I was saying.

One lady offered to help me get a job in my field.

I felt... very at home.

LB, honestly, that has a lot better grasp of the story I was trying to tell in my last OG toot.

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church mention, feminism + 

Me talking with a friend about how it's bee a really fucking nice change of pace to be in a church that actually sees me as valuable as a woman.

"Who knew vaginas had the capacity for love."

I say as I talk about how novel its been to me to be in a church that has mainly female leadership.

(my quote was me talking in jest)

Did the one on one membership meeting to see where it is that I should serve.

They want me to be on the planning committee for missions and to be the 2nd in command for the teens.

Honestly, those are both giant callings for me.

I'm super game. And I'm super excited that my church can already see that in me and wants to take advantage of that.

Big difference from previous churches that didn't believe leading and such could be my gifts.

Can someone who understands enneagram on here explain my results to me?

Cause like, I get I'm a type 2 according to this. But, I'm also supposed to have a Wing? I thought? And it was supposed to be one of the numbers near me?

I don't get it, because they're nowhere near my other scores.

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Trying to celebrate the little victories when living with a disability feels good until you remember the giant pile of expectations put on you because capitalism demands you to contribute as much as a able-bodied person to be considered valuable.
I just want the rest of the world to look at me and say, "yeah, that was a good effort, now rest. Is there anything we can do to help?"

I had to sit through a painful Mother's Day Luncheon at my Grandmother's Fundamental Baptist Church.

It was so agonizing, both to have such hateful things spoken to me as if they were true, and to realize that the people speaking honestly and earnestly believed this was good and just.

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