Can someone who understands enneagram on here explain my results to me?

Cause like, I get I'm a type 2 according to this. But, I'm also supposed to have a Wing? I thought? And it was supposed to be one of the numbers near me?

I don't get it, because they're nowhere near my other scores.

@Magicalmilly so, tbh, Enneagram numbers and wings are whichever you see the most prominently in yourself. So, as a 2 (if you feel that’s the right fit) your wing would be a 1 or 3. Whichever feels right to you, not necessarily to a test. 😊


@JosiahRA thing is, neither of those really feel right.

Like, I feel like saying Im' a 2 is very accurate. I am driven by a need to help and serve others.

But 8 honestly is the next most descriptive. I guess, if I had to pick one, I'd pick a 1

But, like, 8 would be the most descriptive. I have an overwhelming need to lead and I'm confident and assertive and don't back down

It's driven by my need to help others and serve others and help others get better, but both 8 and 2 describe me to a T

@Magicalmilly 8s take on the traits of 2s when they're healthy/in a good headspace. if you're an 8, you likely have some traits of 7 and 9 (your wings).

@LiveYourValues @Magicalmilly This! Conversely, if you're a 2, you take on traits of an 8 when you're moving in your direction of stress. More food for thought:

@equustel @LiveYourValues this makes a lot of sense.

I'm probably an 8 with a wing 9.

I am an ENTJ. I shouldn't be that surprised. I'm in the best mental place of my life so far, so honestly wouldn't be surprised that it's showing up that way.

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