Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

If you believe Christ isn’t the *only* path to God, how do you deal with his “no one comes to the Father except through me” or whatever?

I’m particularly interested in thoughts beyond the obvious “that is probably a misquote.”

Not expecting an actual “answer” to this mystery, just curious how people deal with it.

Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@emkem here’s how I currently view it. Take this as a conversation starter rather than any firm opinion on the matter.

This verse is in John. Alexander Shaia argues that the “preamble” to John is less of a preamble and more of the core of the book. The preamble introduces the cosmic Christ.

The verse is about the cosmic Christ. We find joy in the cosmic Christ. The way, truth and life are fulfilled in his life. So we love neighbor, speak truth to power, etc.


Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@roberttheiv @emkem I've been wrestling with this concept too. Although I was raised to read it in an exclusionary way, I now see it more as Christ stating that wherever there is Truth & Life, he is present.

And when he says nobody comes to God but through Him? I mean, the religious authorities had a strict way to God. But here comes Jesus preaching radical inclusion & ctrcultural love, & he has the nerve to say that His way is actually the way to the Divine.

Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@roberttheiv @emkem The more I start to read Christ's words in the context of the religious/political situation when he spoke them, the more I see I find myself saying "Damn, he just BROUGHT it." And then it suddenly seems all the more relevant to what we're facing today, with the gatekeepers of orthodox Christianity insisting on their understanding being the only way. I can imagine Jesus shaking his head and saying, "We've been down this road before..."

Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@MarcFOnline @roberttheiv @emkem The context of Jesus' words is an Upper Room filled with anxious disciples. They were meant as reassurance: "You already know the way, because you know me. I am going away, but I will come back and bring you with me." In John's gospel, the good news of Jesus is inseparable from relationship. The passage was never meant to be taken as dogma.

Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@david oh wow... this is blowing my mind right now. Like, looking at it this way changes everything. I’ve honestly had a lot of trouble with Jesus because of this question. And other answers are okay, but this one speaks to something in me that apparently really needed it. Wow. Thank you.
@MarcFOnline @roberttheiv

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