I’m curious about this group’s awareness or opinions about Andrew Yang for president in 2020?

I'd like to give an open invite to anyone living or visiting the South Scottsdale or North Tempe area looking for a very small liturgical, progressive, affirming local church. I do the music (not a professional). It's part of the Nazarene denomination which I can't whole heartedly recommend for LGBTQ+ folks as a whole (I would lose my district license for performing a same sex wedding) but I have used Gungor's White Man during worship more than once by request of Matt our senior pastor.

Hi everyone! you can't see me staring at the screen wondering what to say in this initial post. My name is Mark, I'm a 58 yr old married white dude living in Chandler, AZ. As far as I can figure out I'm a , I was raised in the mainline United Methodist Church, had a conversion experience in a Church of Christ campus ministry at Colorado State which I now refer to as crazy church and now am uncertain about most everything but accept the idea that God is Love!
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