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“The opposite of faith is not doubt: It is certainty. It is madness. You can tell you have created God in your own image when it turns out that he or she hates all the same people you do.”

Anne Lamott

Helpful Podcasts?

Hey folks - I'm a huge fan of especially ones that concern , but I've noticed a lot are pretty angry. That's fair - there is a place and need for anger (esp against systems).

What are your favorite podcasts that are both critical and thoughtful?

My faves currently: OnBeing, Liturgists, Robcast, Good Life Project.


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I don’t know if I believe in god, but I do long for god.

The god I long for is with us always, suffers and grows with us, loves us unconditionally.

This god exists in the great mystery between the push towards the ideals we strive for and the desire to already be enough in this moment.

Does this god exist ‘out there’? I don’t know. But the concept moves me and feeds me. Maybe that’s enough to be called “belief.”

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Hi all. Discovered this through @mike fb placeholder. Discovered @mike through his book which I started and finished today (I've sent your publicist an email to say thanks).
I love the ethos of this site. A friend made this short film about the impact of social media on mental health. Im in it for about 3/4 of a second. It's worth a watch, despite me.
🎥 All My Happy Friends - YouTube

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Too many Americans still don’t understand the difference between “black pride” and “white pride,” or why “white pride” is racist and why confederate monuments to white supremacy must come down.

This was written by a white person who gets it. Read it.


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PSA toot: do not give up on this platform because you are afraid you aren’t deep enough, or have the right book to recommend, or scientific theory to cite. You are welcome here. Playfulness, encouragement, and sharing joy - is welcome here.

Reconstruction questions 

Hey all,

I was wondering if I could crowd-source some wisdom... we're trying to create an podcast discussing construction, and (esp the last).

We have a list of questions we'd love interviewees to go through before we sit down together, and I'm wondering if we're missing anything crucial.

If you're interested, I'd love to send you the questions - I don't need your specific answers, just if the questions were on point with your journey.

@robesau! It's Matt, from NCCA! Holy hell!

Uh, actually I guess it's not that surprising to find someone from your past on Facebook... but on this corner of Mastadon... Bizarre!


Hey folks, I'm Matt. I'm a husband and father of 3, and a nurse working at a local emergency centre. In the quieter moments I love my audiobooks and (OnBeing, Selected Shorts, Robcast and Liturgists). I also occasionally write about making our own meaning and connections, and am starting a podcast with a dear friend about what we choose as we reconstruct.

I also hate the term 'toot', but then I hated tweets as well, so I'm sure I'll get over it.

Gaze upon his magesty!

He is judging you (well me, for taking his picture when I could be petting)

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@Matr yes! I don’t worship deities these days, but if I did... praise

Oh yes, yes.
Ennegram 3w4, best I can tell.

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Okay but are we really just accepting these things are called "toots"

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