@chadow lol that's great, let me know how it works out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@brandice I think ive heard of this... so crazy right? I mean who would trust their pet with an athiest!

totally kidding btw

to the poly liturgists out there,

how has this form of relationship helped and hindered your primary spousal relationship? this is such a new topic for me so forgive my ignorance!

it's so nice to have loving and honest pastors like Jim Bakker who are so concerned with the well-being of the lorts people after they all get left behind after the rapture

So I forgot to do one of these!! #introductions 

this community is the world to me! I'm a former pastor with a lesbian wife (yes I'm a man) with three kids a dog and a ton of things to deconstruct. I'm not as certain why we're here anymore but I'm sure as hell gonna do my best to unify myself with the arc of this beautiful and confusing universe we all find ourselves in. this community is the first time I've felt a home since we left our church and want to send you all the love and peace you give

@rachal that's the goal! I was finally able to physically be in the middle of the liturgist community and it was so beautiful and life giving, I want a way that we can come together without the space boundaries that make a sense of community harder to achieve. I am not aware of anything being done yet either but I want to make sure I'm not stealing someone else's idea haha

hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice and feedback. I'm exploring the idea of starting a virtual reality "church", a term I use very loosely. I'm trying to work through the mechanics of how it will all work but I'm trying to gauge interest and also see if anyone knows of something already being done, I want this to be as inclusive of an experience as possible so any input anyone might have would be very much appreciated!!

Just saw the end of the world tour in Columbus... five of the freaking coolest people you could ever hope to meet, straight up!

@mike same here, it's nice to be on a platform that is just people 😁

@vishnu @mike my wife's and my own sexual beliefs were pretty dramatically changed when we discovered that she was a lesbian, I say discovered because we were both ignorantly unaware. Divorce has simply never been an option for us so this has opened up a whole new realm of possibility, and while our sexual practices have stayed somewhat the same, there is a new level of discussion and conversation that is being had.

We also would appreciate any advice anyone would have for us!

Hey everyone, I'm really excited to be a part of this! y'all are awesom

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